Technology as Business

Our Business Technology is 80% supported from ID-TECH and Garuda Hosting

Supplies as Forward

Supplies is our forward Business and make dedicated support as Commitment services 

Suitable Product for Solve

We offers Suitable Product to make your production and operation running smooth

Manage Service is First

Our Business is Manage Service, Integrity as after sales and support on demand 

Business Activity

Mitra Berkah Usaha are growing up sales and Manage Services for every segment business lineup on Private and Government Sector;  We decide to maximize user’s and partnerships, more offering product with Good Quality of Services, and Handle demand of Supplies.  

  • Technology & Support Services 88% 88%
  • General Trade Supplies & Distribution  73% 73%
  • Private & Government Partnerships User’s 63% 63%
  • Manage Services and Delivery of Product 90% 90%